Argo Brewery was born in 2013 combining our skill, but mostly our big passion for craft quality beer.

The idea to have as our logo an airship was due to the fact that after have travelled many places and visited different breweries we thought to remember these great experiences gathering them, all inside a yellow airship that flies over the world. In Greek mythology, Argo was the name of the Argonaut’s ship, they were travelling searching for the Golden Fleece, instead on board of our airship we flies searching for new flavors, styles and ingredients!

We make beer because it’s what we love to do… and we want simply tell..

Everyone on board because WE WANT BEER!

Stefano Di Stefano
Veronica Bianchi


Passion for beer has been always inside of me, since when I was only a child where at the supermarket with my mum I was glaring at the bottles on the shelters…. In my twenties I started to make beer as homebrewer in my grandpa’s cellar. It was great! I could experiment and create something mine, of course not everything was delicious but I outlived my creations!
At the same time having a growing passion I started to hanging around the Birrificio Italiano that is located near to my parents’ house, I had an encounter with Agostino Arioli and the chance to work there for one year. At the end of that wonderful period I heard that at the Birrificio Lambrate were looking for a brewer to partnered the head brewer Fabio Brocca… so it started my second experience lasted for 8 years. I worked hard, I learned a lot and I had great fun!
I made also a couple of internships in two of the best US breweries: Left Hand owned by Eric Wallace and Bell’s by John Mallet.
Then with a lot of bravery and many uncertainties about the future I decided to start my project, my own brewery, with an airship and the will of making beer, discovering and let discover new styles, tasting and experimenting…this is my dream become true!

Birraio Dell’anno 2015 (Best Italian Brewer 2015) – second place category “Young”


It was the year 2005 and the subject of my graduation thesis was the translation from French of a book regarding beers of Bruxelles and Wallonia. Yes, I was curious and at the time I was already fascinated by the beers’ world…
After my graduation I left the country towards Dublin where I have worked for a few years in American Airlines and from that moment I had the great honor of literally “travel the world”! During the last years Stefano has become my travel companion and together we went to discover the microbreweries all over the world, every place was a different reality, we met the brewers, listening their history, knowing new styles and ingredients!
Back to Italy, after having worked for a period as Travel Manager for a tour operation in Milan I decided to give life to a project having in mind my second interest after travelling … that is beer!
I returned to my hometown of Parma and in October 2013 with my two other partners we started a new adventure, the most difficult one but also the most beautiful one: Birrificio Argo!