Bollo Spina singolo - FRESH OUT 2017
freshout stile

DESCRIPTION: Fresh Out is our Harvest beer, it’s a beer style where hops has to be picked up and used in flower within twelve hours from harvest!
Every year the hop choice is made directly in the plantation of our friends, the guys of Italian Hops Company /Marano Sul Panaro Modena) and they are also the first native Italian hop production.
Our brewer Stefano personally chose the best hops varieties according to the maturation level and his personal taste.
Hop harvest last from end of August to mid-September and for this reason we made just one production per year.
At the origin we have an American pale ale where fresh hop increase the herbal components but also the fruity and orange notes and providing a delicate aroma of camomile.
Pleasant, easy drinking, you must drink it super fresh as its name suggest!